QIC Cartridges



quarter-inch cartridge


QIC or quarter-inch cartridges. get their name from the width of the original tape. The cartridges come in two form factors: 3.5" Minicartridges and 5.25" Data Cartridges. Minicartridges have been enhanced with wider and longer tapes (QIC-Wide, QIC-EX and Travan), but Travan has become the most popular. Most drives read and write cartridges one generation back.

The EX cartridges extend the cartridge housing to include more tape. Many Travan drives support the EX cartridges.

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Part number:  

Brand Product Description Price Cart
FUJI TR-1EX Data Cartridge Formated QIC 80 304.8M/ 1000ft 500MB/ 1.0GB compressed


Imation MC3000XL Minicartridge Imat not formated QIC-3010, QIC-3020, QIC 3030, QIC-3040, QIC-3050 compatible 340MB/ 1.0GB compressed


Imation MC3000XL Minicartridge Taumat formated QIC-3020 compatible 680MB/ 1.36GB compressed


Maxell DC2120XL Compatible QIC-80 minicartidge 170MB/ 350MB compressed 130M/ 425ft


Maxell MC3000XL Minicartridge QIC-3020 formatted 122M/ 400ft


Sony QD2120 Compatible QIC-80 minicartidge 120MB 93.7M/ 307.5ft


Sony QW3000XL Minidatacartridge QIC-Wide 3010/3020/3040/3050 121.9M/ 400ft


Tandberg Cleaning Cartridge TDS DPCC-2000 Dry Process for 3.5" (TDC 3500 and newer) QIC Tandberg Data tape drives


Verbatim DC2120 Reorder # 88172 Compatible QIC-80 minicartidge 120MB 93.7M/ 307.5ft


Verbatim MC3000XL QIC Minicartridge 121.9M/ 400ft


Verbatim MC3010XL Minicartridge QIC-3010-MC format 121.9M/ 400ft


Verbatim MC3020XL Reorder # 90925 Minicartridge QIC-3020-MC format 121.9M/ 400ft


Verbatim TR-3EXtra QICEXtra, Travan, 2.2GB/4.4GB compressed QIC-3020-MC



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