An adequate data backup scheme is an essential, and often neglected, aspect of the computer system in your company.  Gardner Business Services can provide you with the media you need to perform this important task.  To help you learn more about out backup products and the technology in the industry we have supplied you with this page.

We have compiled some important data and provided you with links to other sites that will help you learn more about data backup.


We carry some of the most popular and reliable makers of computer tapes and disks.   The manufactures supply information important about their products as well as tips to improve your backup system. 

Select a manufacturer below to learn more about the company and their backup products.



4mm Tapes

4mm tapes are the standard for DAT (digital audio tape) and was originally used as a CD-quality audio format. 4mm tapes are physically the smallest of the magnetic tapes and therefore take up less storage space.  4mm tape systems are designed for backing up large amounts of data where speed is not essential.

8mm Tapes

8mm tapes employ a technology called helical scan recording.  This is the same type of recording as is used in video tape recorders.  It is slower than digital linear tapes but a fraction of the cost.  Systems that use 8mm tapes target higher end backup systems including imaging, transaction processing, large database applications, workstation and networks, and video server applications.


Tandberg Data is a leading global manufacturer of advanced, tape-based information storage products for the professional market. The company offers a wide range of products and solutions based on Linear Technology for backup, archiving and other user applications within information storage management.

Travan Data Tapes

Travan Data Tape is the most popular tape medium for desktop users.  Travan Tapes are based off the proven QIC (quarter inch cartridge) technology which has been the favorite backup medium for millions of users.  Travan Tape is designed for users who are looking for functionality and where speed is not a primary concern. 

Digital Linear Tapes

DLT is the top of the line tape backup option and is designed to backup large amounts of data in a short amount of time.  DLT offers high transfer rates (5 MB/sec) and large storage capacity (10-70 GB per tape).  DLT can be arrayed to back up a very large network file system.

QIC - Quarter-Inch Cartridges

The "quarter inch" refers to the width of the original tape. QIC comes in two form factors: 3.5" Minicartridges and 5.25" Data Cartridges. Minicartridges have been enhanced with wider and longer tapes (QIC-Wide, QIC-EX and Travan). QIC-EX cartridges extend the cartridge housing to include more tape. Many Travan drives support QIC-EX cartridges

5 " Optical Disks

5.25" Rewritable Magneto Optical Disks are ideal for desktop publishing, medical imaging, legal and financial applications, multimedia creations and for backup and archival storage.  Optical disks were originally though to take over the fixed hard disk.  Reduction in hard drive prices has lead to alternative uses for magneto optical media.

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