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  Businesses needing the high bandwidth of a T1 communications line can save money by leasing T1 services here.


Thanks for visiting us here at Gardner Business Services where we've been serving World Wide Web customers since 1998.

Who orders from GBS?

GBS receives orders from the government, universities, schools, hospitals, medical laboratories, police departments, city administrations, churches, libraries, realtors, restaurants, and other businesses and individuals trying to control expenses. Are you on this list?

Discounts available

Please contact us to find out what discount is available to corporations, engineering companies, construction companies, banks, architectural offices, hospitals, law firms, doctor offices, universities, school districts, armed service entities, and government agencies. For personalized service, please call Art at 1-877-784-1212.

Why order from GBS?

We offer immediate access to someone who can answer a buyer's questions, and information necessary for any purchaser to make an ordering decision.


Accessories are Relative!

Our core business is computer tapes and disks, and printer supplies, so don't be surprised if you see us referring to actual backup drives as accessories!

Also Available 

In addition to storage media, GBS also offers the following product categories:


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