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Protecting you against unexpected events

CLick Here!What would you do, if you unlocked the door of your office tomorrow and found that all of the information about your business had vanished? Clients lists, product information, payroll data, personnel files and tax records all gone. Would you panic? Could you piece together enough information to continue to serve your customers, pay your staff and satisfy the IRS? This may seem unlikely, but it isn't. Natural disasters, computer viruses and most common of all - human error - rob businesses of vital information every day. You can protect against this kind of loss by backing up your business information on regular basis. A hard-drive crashes every 15 seconds.

32% of data loss is caused by human error. When a computer disaster happens to you, will you be ready? You may backup your PC regularly, but half of all conventional backups never work. Now, you can reliably backup your important files without the burden of extra equipment such as tape or zip drives.

Who can use @Backup?

@Backup has partnered with Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, Intuit, and  Hewlett-Packard to make online back especially suited to the following people:

Mobile Professionals Professional portable PC user's data is often at risk. Their portable PC's can be lost, stolen and their data more easily damaged. They also don't always enjoy high-speed network connections. @Backup's service protects these user's wherever they are, no matter what type of Internet connection they have.

Small/Medium Business Users The SOHO to medium sized business market is relying more on PC's to help run their businesses every day. @Backup's services provide these businesses with Enterprise-level data security without requiring addtional investment in software, hardware, or technology personel.

Individual PC Users More and more indivual users are banking and managing their finances online with their PC. @Backup service is designed to automatically protect their personal financial data, as well as their photo albums and MP3's.

Introducing Online Backup

Using your Internet connection, @Backup performs safe, reliable, automatic backups of your hard drive data. With @Backup's affordable monthly service you'll be assured that your critical files have the best possible protection: automatic and on-demand backups secure encryption of your files off-site storage in two security vaults access to every version of a backed up file unlimited number of backups and restores easy setup and user-friendly interface FREE 30 day trial. Download Here!


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