8mm Tapes

8mm tapes

8mm tapes are smaller than a deck of playing cards!

8mm tapes were invented in 1984, and later enhanced by Exabyte in 1987 by turning it into a high- performance digital storage device.

In 1996, Exabyte introduced the Mammoth drive, a capstan-less version of its 8mm line. The lack of capstan reduces wear on the tape, because capstans normally press against the medium to move it. 

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Part number:  

Brand Product Description Price Cart
Exabyte 8mm-gbs1 170M AME Mammoth 8mm Data Cartridge


Exabyte 8mm-gbs2 Reorder # 180093 112M 8mm Data Cartridge


Exabyte 8mm-gbs3 Reorder #v322535 Data Cartridge 160XL


Exabyte Cleaning Cartridge-2 Reorder # 309258 Premium Cleaning Cartridge 8mm


Maxell 8mm-gbs4 Helical-Scan 112M/ 367ft nominal capacity: 2.5GB/ 5.0GB


Maxell 8mm-gbs5 Helical-Scan 160M/ 525ft nominal capacity: 3.5GB/ 7.0GB


Maxell Cleaning Cartridge HS-8/CL, 8mm cleaning cartridge


Miscellaneous TAIT140CEA SONY TAIT1-40C AIT-1 Single Turbo 8mm cart. 40 GB W/MIC AIT 8mm Data Tape Cartridge


Sony 8mm-gbs6 Reorder # QG112M 112M/ 367ft native capacity: 5.0GB


Sony 8mm-gbs7 Reorder# QGD160M Data Cartridge 160M/ 525ft native capacity: 7.0GB


eRep AC0304817RU Adapter 30W 4.8mm*1.7mm Right. Specifications: Color: Black, Inner Dia: 1.7 mm, Manufacturer: Premium Power, Outer Dia: 4.8 mm, Package Height: 2 inches, Package Length: 6 inches, Package Width: 5 inches, Pin Count: 2-Prong, Product Weight: 1 lb, Watts: 30 Watts. This AC Adapter is for Premium Power 10 Watt Universal models.. Compatible with PREMIUM POWER Part Number(s): PremiumPower AC0304817RU



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